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Our programs help us achieve our mission of victory over mental health and substance use conditions.

Policy and Advocacy

Regional Policy Council: Founded in 2006, the Regional Policy Council brings together national experts and local affiliates to strengthen the impact the MHA network has on statewide policy. The RPC works to address policy issues at the state level, to monitor issues as they appear at the regional level, and to provide coordination across several regions.  The RPC hosts numerous forums throughout the country on a wide variety of topics. In 2013 and 2014, the RPC’s main focus is the Affordable Care Act.

Capitol Hill Day:  Ensuring people with mental health conditions’ voices are heard, MHA hosts a Capitol Hill Day to bring advocates to Congress, to meet with the key decision-makers.  MHA educates the advocates on how best to reach people with their stories and information.  Since 2012, MHA advocates have joined with the National Council for Community Behavioral Health for Hill Day.

Federal Policy:  Throughout MHA’s 104 year history, advocating for legislation that affects the lives of people with mental health conditions and their families has always been a priority.  That priority continues to today, where we focus on access to care, insurance parity for mental health conditions and other important issues facing people with mental health conditions.

Education & Outreach

Live Your Life Well: Wellness is paramount to the future of health, and of mental health overall.  As a result, MHA’s Live Your Life Well program provides hands on tips and tools for creating and maintaining wellness in your life.

Complementary & Alternative Medicine:  Wellness takes a number of different forms and paths, and MHA is committed to ensuring that people have all of the information available to make the best decision for themselves.   The educational information about alternative medicines is a part of that.

My Plan, My Life:  Being prepared for a potential health crisis is important, giving piece of mind your wishes will be followed in case you can’t articulate them.  Learn about Psychiatric Advanced Directives, how they are used and how you can make your own.

National Screening Campaign:  Understanding your mental health and learning about where you are in your mental health is key to ensuring you stay mentally healthy.  MHA’s National Screening Campaign is a push to get every American screened and aware of their mental health.

May Is Mental Health Month:  Created in the 1950s, May is Mental Health Month is a month long education campaign to educate the general public about mental health, mental wellness and the ways they can keep their minds healthy.  Each year is focused on a new topic.

Annual Conference: MHA's Annual Conference brings together affiliates, consumers, providers, family members and advocates from across the country to talk about important and emerging mental health issues. Plans for the 2014 Annual Conference are underway.

Clifford Beers Society:  A giving society for the committed donors, the Clifford Beers Society honors MHA’s founder by ensuring his vision for a better, more just future continues.

From Asylums to Recovery, a documentaryThe documentary is a compelling history of the Consumer/Survivor Movement in the United States from 1960 to the present. It is the incredible story of the ongoing emergence of thousands of people who have been pushed to the margins of society because of the gross misunderstanding of the “normal” world about the true nature of psychiatric disorders.


Health Insurance:  Mental Health America helps educate and enroll people with mental health conditions and other people from underserved populations. 

It's My Life - Social Self-Directed Care:  Mental Health America staff are in the local community providing social support and training to women with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. This key program highlights our role in social inclusion. 

Affiliate Support: Through our 240 affiliates in 41 states, MHA is committed to bringing direct services and advocacy to communities around the country.  Each MHA is tailored to meet the needs of the community it serves.

Innovation Nation: Our MHA affiliates have their own innovative signature programs. Learn more about them here.

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